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The Wareham Forge web site has been under development since the late 1990's. Over the years it has been GREATLY expanded, with much added and little ever removed. Several major revisions have been undertaken to try to make it easier to navigate. There is a LOT of stuff here - and frankly, even * I * have problems figuring out where things have gotten to! To further confuse the issue, the site is huge (as of 2008 some 140 MG) and had become very difficult to manage.

With the January 2008 revision, the file structure of the entire site has been re-designed. Frequent visitors are STRONGLY urged to re-define their past bookmarks, as many individual pieces of the site have been moved into a new file structure. This index now reflects only the new locations of the individual pages.

In an effort to try to present a true 'table of contents', I have taken all the pieces and have listed them below.  Two methods are used:

First, related pages in a series are charted out by topic area (much as they link inside the site itself) 

Second, there is a straight alphabetical index - by the individual page titles.

Any page shown with * stars * is located off the main Wareham Forge series.
Any page in ( italics in brackets ) has been listed already.
Any page in [ square brackets ] includes external links off this site.

Table last compiled : JANUARY 2008

INDEX Welcome Page Site Map / Index
FIND ME [ Upcoming Events ] Year at a Glance [ Gallery Locations ] Directions
PORTFOLIO Past Work Architectural Window Grills
Railings A Work in Progress Railing Building Codes
for the Garden Gates
Features 'Paris Metro' Arbor
Weather Vanes Windbiles
Accessories (Weather Vanes) (Windbiles)
Other Work Decorative Objects
Historic Reproductions
Knives Sword of Heroes
Orc Knife
MUSEUM RELATED Museum Services
School Programs
the NORSE ENCAMPMENT (details below)
Experimental IRON SMELTING (details below)
the Dark Ages Re-creation Company
Re-enactors Supplies
PRODUCTS AVAILABLE Norse Reproductions Cookware
Other Items Silver Pennies
[Viking Game] Designing Viking Game
(Re-enactors Supplies)
(Custom Knives)
DVD's / CD-ROMS Iron Smelting in the Viking Age
Forging the Viking Age
BLADESMITHING Bladesmithing (Knife Gallery)
CUSTOM WORK Patron Wanted On Design Sample Contract
Gallery of Details
the 'Rivendale' Style
TRAINING Blacksmithing Courses Basic Course Outline Teens as Students?
Layered Steel Outline
Iron Smelting Outline
(DVD's / CD-ROMS) (Iron Smelting in the Viking Age)
(Forging the Viking Age )
(School Programs)
(Demonstration Services)
"ON SMITHING" details below

Ecampment Production
Mission Statement
Press Release
Creating the Artifacts
For Teachers
World of the Norse
[Encampment Links]
'Full Circle' Intro
Lessons from the Viking Age
(Experimental Iron Smelting)
Other Material
[Millennium Exhibits]
Newoundland Guide
Norstead Site
'Westward Viking's

Note : The documentation for this ongoing project is being constantly being added to and revised. This index is likely to lag behind the contents detailed on the main Experimental Iron Smelting INDEX
General Information
Experiment Overview
Overview as table
Overview as data base
'Adventures in Early Iron Production'
'Smelt Data Table
Iron Smelting - Forms of Experiment
'Econo Norse' Smelter
'Flue Tyle' Smelter
Blooms On Hand
Blower Flow Rates
Specific Experiments
Black Rock - 02/2006
Smeltfest 06 - 03,/2006 Written Report
Smelt A Sequence Smelter Layout
Smelt B Sequence Second Firing Layout
Construction Method Tuyere Position Wall Erosion
Early Iron 3 - 10/ 2006 'Loki' Smelt Sequence
Smelt B Sequence Written Report
DARC  Fall Smelt - 11/2006 Smelt Sequence
'Redemption' Smelt - 11/2006 Smelt Sequence
'Hot Swap' Double Smelt 6/2007 A Smelt Sequence B Smelt Sequence Written Report
Icelandic One 10/2007 Smelt Sequence Written Report
Icelandic Two 10/2007 Smelt Sequence Written Report
Martin Course 11/2007 Smelt Sequence Written Report

ARTICLES & RANTS "Aunt Martha's & Damthings" Jamestown - a Review Guns Against Armour "Remembrance"
ON SMITHING *Some Basic Smithing Tips* *On Buying an Anvil* Smithing Sources
OTHER [Pewter Casting in Soapstone] Strap Mounts
LINKS [General Links] [Artisan Makers] (Encampment Links) (Millennium Links) (Smithing Sources) (Smelting Links) Bookmarks
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Other Sites Maintained by / Contributed to by Darrell Markewitz
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* World of the Norse* Grave Goods
* Reflections of the Conquest * Out of the Fiery Furnace
* Hammered Out Bits * * Rants *
* the Dark Ages Re-creation Company * * AN DROICHEAD / the Bridge *
* Autumn Leaves Studio Tour * * Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association *


Note that there are a number of extra items here that represent older or specialized content that do not appear on the flow chart above.

Welcome Page

Accessories / Decorative
'Adventures in Early Iron Production'
'Adventures in Early Iron Production' Smelt Data Table
Architectural Forgings
Architectural - Other Work
Articles and Rants
Artisan Makers Links
"Aunt Martha's & Damthings"
Basic Guide to HTML for Artists
Blacksmithing Courses
BLOG Index
Business Profile of the Wareham Forge (2004)
Charcoal Pit Burn Experiment
Copyright Statement
Creating the Encampment Artifacts
Dark Ages Re-creation Company - Introduction
Designing Viking Game
Directions to the Wareham Forge
Encampment Links
Forging the Viking Age
Full Circle - First Contact (part one of four)
Gallery Locations
Gallery of Details
Garden Objects
Gas Forge Construction (by David Robertson)
General Links
Grave Goods
Grave Goods - Call for Entry
Grave Goods - Museum Details
Grave Goods - Submission Details
Grave Goods - Urns
Guns Against Armour
Historic Reproductions
Interpreting the Viking Age CD-ROM
"Introduction to Blacksmithing' Course Outline
'Introduction to Layered Steel' Course Outline
"Introduction to Smelting Iron" Course Outline
Iron in the Viking Age
Iron Smelting CD-ROM
Iron Smelting Experiments - Index
Individual Experimental Smelts - by Date
02/06 Report
02/06 Data
03/06 Report
03/06 A Data
03/06 A Smelter Layout
03/06 B Data
03/06 B Smelter Layout
03/06 Construction Method
03/06 Tuyere Position
03/06 Wall Erosion
Early Iron 3 - 'Loki' Smelt Sequence
Early Iron 3 Smelt B Sequence
Early Iron 3 Written Report
11/06 Smelt Sequence
'Redemption' Smelt Sequence
'Redemption' Smelt Sequence
'Hot Swap' Double Smelt - A Smelt Sequence
'Hot Swap' Double Smelt - B Smelt Sequence
'Hot Swap' Double Smelt - Written Report
Icelandic One - Smelt Sequence
Icelandic One - Written Report
Icelandic Two - Smelt Sequence
Icelandic Two - Written Report
Martin Course Smelt Sequence
Martin Course Written Report

Experimental Overview 2001 - 2005
Experimental Overview 2001 - 2005 (text)
Experimental Overview 2006
Experimental Overview 2007
Experimental Overview (table)
Experimental Variables (table)

An Experimental Philosophy
Bellows Air Test
Blower Flow Rates
'Econo Norse' Smelter
'Flue Tyle' Smelter
Iron Blooms On Hand
Iron Content of Ores
Iron Smelting - Forms of Experiment
Iron Smelting Links

Jamestown - a Review
Knives - Past Work
Knives in the Viking Age
Lessons from the Viking Age
Medieval Pewter Castings
Millennium Exhibits
Museum Services
Newoundland Guide
Norse Cookware
Norse Encampment - Introduction
Norse Encampment - Index
Norse Encampment - Mission Statement
Norse Encampment - Press Release
Norse Jewelery
Norse - Other Items
Norse Reproductions
Norstead Site
On Design
'Orc Knife' - detail
Out of the Fiery Furnace
Out of the Fiery Furnace Artists Call
Out of the Fiery Furnace Museum Details
'Paris Metro' Arbor
Patron Wanted
Pewter Casting in Soapstone
Placing an Order
Portfolio of Past Work
Railing Building Codes
Re-enactors Supplies
the "Rivendale' Style
Sample Contract
School Programs
Silver Pennies
Smithing Sources
Spam from
Strap Mounts
'Sword of Heroes' - detail
Teacher's Guide to the Viking Age
Teens as Students?
Upcoming Event Schedule
Viking Game
Window Grills
Weather Vanes
Westward Vikings
Window Grills
Work in Progress
Year at a Glance  

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