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Darrell Markewitz of the Wareham Forge has built a reputation for his museum grade reproductions and replicas of artifacts from the Viking Age.

The Wareham Forge offers a limited number of detailed replicas of specific Viking Age artifacts for the re-enactor (or Living History Museum).

All prices are in CANADIAN dollars. They do not include shipping costs, or 13% HST for all Canadian destinations.

Images of original artifact prototypes are shown first, the second are the replicas (click for larger view). The artifact images are taken from the publications indicated, the images have been modified to black and white and reduced in size. Sizes of both originals and replicas are indicated, along with some notes concerning each object. The checked cloth seen as a background for many of the reproductions has 1 cm squares (roughly 3/8").

Other Items :

Iron Ship Rivets with Rove
Ship Rivet
originals about 8 cm
Ultuna, Uppland, Sweden / 'Viking Age'
original photo - Christer Ahlin
Vikings North Atlantic Saga / Fitzhugh & Ward
page 90 / figure 5.6
Replica Ship Rivet
(shown life size)

These replica Ship Rivets are individually hammered from 7 mm (1/4")" diameter round stock, and is 5.5 cm (2 1/8") long. Each rectangular Rove has the hole hot punched and cut from 12 x 3 mm (1/8 x 1/2") flat stock.
This ship rivet is about the size that would be used for the lighter hull of an oak Drakar (or warship). Rivets can be distinguished from nails as they have a cylindrical profile - nails are square and tapered in shape.

A simple object - but a great teaching tool for classroom use about the Viking Age!

Cost for Ship Rivet - $10

Box Hinges with Nails
Box Hinges
'Loop & Tab' Box Hinges

These replica Box Hinges are forged from 12 x 3 mm (1/8 x 1/2") flat stock, each piece is about 20 cm (8") long. Variations on this type of simple 'Loop and Tab' hinge were used on a number of Viking Age chests, most notably in Oseberg and the Mastermyr Tool Box. Sold as a pair, each piece has two hot punched square profile holes. Set includes eight 'hand wrought' look nails (should be cinched over), each about and is 5 cm (2") long.

Cost for Box Hinges (pair) - $35

Box Hinges
Seax Table Knife
with ornamental 'iron' broach

This replica Table Knife is based on a small collection of Romano-British knives from about 450 AD found in England. Although this is a bit early for Viking Age, they are offered here as an alternative to the often seen 'curved rat tail handle' small knives often called 'Viking Knives'. (These are not any kind of historic type at all, but date only back to the Hippy days of the 1960's !) Each of the Table Knives offered by the Wareham Forge are hammered from mild steel and then water hardened. This produces a blade about equivalent to a modern table knife in terms of durability. This remains significantly harder than the artifact prototypes, which were made of softer wrought iron. The size and exact shape will vary, but the blades are roughly 10 cm + long, with handles comfortable to the hand. The metal surfaces are left rough forged, but the edge ground to sharpness. Use as is, or wrap a length of leather for a handle. A great price for a simple hand forged working knife.

Each is polished on the edge side (only), to a sharp edge.
The handle is wrapped with leather lacing for a secure grip.

Cost for Seax / Table Knife - $40
Also available 'rough forged' - $20

Each of these coins are hand struck using dies reproducing those found at Coppergate in York, which date to the early 900's. They are sterling silver and duplicate the same size and weight of the originals (about 3/4" dia. and 1.5 gms).

Go on for more details about the Silver Pennies.

VIKING GAME: A new version of the Norse game "hnefatafl" - or 'kings table'. Features a printed canvas board, glass and cast pewter game pieces all in a draw string bag. Available direct from the Wareham Forge.

Answer a challenge 1000 years in the making!

For more details - go to VIKING GAME.

Designing Viking Game
An article on how artifacts were used in creating Viking Game

Custom Orders :

Oseberg tripod and cauldron
Reproductions, at Norse Encampment '94.
Smithing Tools
Based on Mastermyr, at L'Anse aux Meadows.
Viking Weapons
Shield /sword / spear/ Helmet, at L'Anse aux Meadows
Woman's Tool Knife
Pattern welded (blade before hilting)

CUSTOM ORDERS: The Wareham Forge specializes in reproducing artifacts from the Dark Ages, Norse, Saxon and Celtic. Past work has included tent frames, beds, boxes and domestic items of all kinds.

The Wareham Forge:
The Hamlet of Wareham, R.R. #2 Proton Station, Ontario

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Artifact photographs from the indicated sources
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