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Ladies & Gentlemen!

Mr. D. Markewitz, blacksmith and sole owner of

The Wareham Forge

presents the very finest


for CAMP and HOME.

The proprietor wishes to inform you that all work is of the highest craftsmanship,
and is 100% Canadian made.
All items fully guaranteed.


A KEY to the illustrations, with PRICES*.

showing set up as a tripod (includes one hook)

showing set up as a straight rack

made of 3/8" stock, about 3 1/2 ft. tall

made of 1/2" stock, about 4 ft. tall

either size, with twists: add
'Spud' Roaster
holds 6 items for roasting
'S' Hook
square stock with twist
Ring Trammel
3 rings, about 10" long
Chain Trammel
about 30" long ending in large hook
Bar Trammel
extends to about 24"
Hook Arm
order to fit on either 3/8 or 1/2" or
Ring Arm
order to fit on either 3/8 or 1/2" or
Spike Candle
for standard 3/4' candle
Pot Lifter
for bake pots, 18" long
Ladles & Strainers
all with hammered bowls, handles about 18" long

4" brass bowl

4" copper or 6" brass bowl

6' copper bowl
Toasting Fork
about 18" long

add decorative punchwork to Fork / Ladle
Lantern Stand
of 3/8 stock, about 4 ft long

Mr. Markewitz wishes to announce that his forge will be in operation daily to provide for


God save the Queen and the Maple Leaf forever!

Prices quotes for 2000 !!
* All prices may vary, depending on the historic accuracy and relative complexity of any individual object.

Past work from the Wareham Forge has included pieces from a wide range of specific historic periods. Areas of special focus have been the Early Medieval (Viking & Anglo-Saxon) and the the Canadian Settlement (1800 - 1850) periods, as well as general camp ware for Historical Re-enactors. Detailed artifact reproductions and working tools have been produced and remain in daily use at a number of Ontario historic sites. A special project in 1997 was the design of the interpretive program and artifact production for the new living history program at L' Anse aux Meadows NHS. Since then he has worked on a number of international museum exhibits, including his complete creation of 'the World of the Norse'

 1800's Ladles
Norse Cauldron
Settlement period ladles and spatula, at Black Creek Pioneer Village.
Viking Age cauldron and hanger, at L' Anse aux Meadows NHS.

To see more photographs of past reproduction work, take a look in the Gallery.

Those interested in the Viking Age will want to take a look at the section on Norse Trade Goods.

Ordering information:

Please contact the Wareham Forge with your requirements and to discuss your specific requirements before placing an order. The items shown above are only the most commonly requested basic pieces. Detailed reproductions of specific artifacts from various historic periods can be produced. Remember that prices will vary based on the complexity of individual design and degree of accuracy required - especially for larger and more elaborate items. The prices listed here are meant to be a guideline only, an apply to 'replica' grade (rather than the more detailed 'reproduction' level).

Note that the listed prices do not include shipping or required HST. Please ask for details on the shipping cost for your order - extra charges will apply to large and heavy items.

For full details go on

The Wareham Forge

The Hamlet of Wareham, R.R. #2 Proton Station,
Ontario CANADA - N0C 1L0

(519) 923-9219 //

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