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    Potential Customers Please Note!
    After 40 years at the forge, I am limiting the new commissions I undertake :
    Please look HERE for details before contacting me.

    General Information

    The Wareham Forge does not maintain a printed catalogue. Other than Viking Game / Educational Multi-Media / Pewter Castings, all objects are created one at a time and produced as required - as opposed to being mass produced with standing inventory. For that reason, it is strongly suggested to e-mail with your exact requirements.

    All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars. Due to the wide fluctuations in international currencies, please ask for a quote in American funds if desired. Sorry, no other currency is accepted.
    Check your currency against the Canadian Dollar via
    'The Universal Currency Converter(tm)'

    All prices listed on this web site are subject to change without notice.
    Quotes provided after a specific request will be honoured - but only within the stated length of time.

    The Wareham Forge can accept Mastercard and VISA credit cards for direct payments.

    IF YOU WANT TO USE YOUR CARD DIRECTLY :  To maintain your security, it is advised that you only provide card information via a direct phone call (519-923-9219). Contact Me for details.

    Now accepting electronic payments.

    Paypal is the ideal form of payment for international customers. Your credit card will automatically convert the Canadian funds into your local currency using the daily 'bank rate' - the fastest and most accurate method. Also, the Wareham Forge NEVER sees your actual credit card numbers.

    Paypal Accepts:

    Orders can also be paid for via money order. Please Contact Me before sending US dollars - a bank charge will be included.  All money orders should be made payable to "the Wareham Forge".

    All prices are subject to applied taxes:

    ALL Canadians must add 13% HST - on EVERYTHING

    Any customs duties remain the responsibility of the customer. Note however that all the products created and sold by the Wareham Forge are produced in Ontario, Canada, and thus should remain duty free under NAFTA for North American customers. Any order over $500 value will be accompanied by a 'certificate of origin'. Normal practice is to list the true value and the NAFTA tariff numbers on the outside of all shipments.

    American Customers: Due to the addition of US Homeland Security inspections now possible on all packages entering the United States of America, you must factor in an additional possible delay time to delivery.

    Note that the listed prices on other descriptions DO NOT include shipping unless specified. Please ask for details on the shipping cost BEFORE you send funds for your order - extra charges may apply to large and heavy items.

    Educational - DVD's / CD-ROM's
    Viking Game

    Base price for Viking Game is $30

    For all of the DVD's & CD's
    'Introduction to Blacksmithing' / 'Historic Bladesmithing' / Forging the Viking Age

    Experimental Iron Smelting from the Viking Age / Exploring the Viking Age in Denmark

    Shipping for all North American destinations

    : ADD $6 for the DVD's & CD-ROM's

    : ADD $10 for Viking Game

    These prices were set as of September 25, 2010
    Prices are subject to change (will reflect any ongoing increases in shipping).
    * Note that International shipping can vary considerably - best to ask for a firm cost!
    As a guideline, the typical cost to send a DVD/CD disk to Europe or Australia is $8.
    For Canadian customers - remember those taxes!
    ALL objects created by and services provided by the Wareham Forge within Canada are subject to HST / 13% tax.

    Re-enactors Supplies

    The objects seen on the sheets 'Viking Age Reproductions' and 'Re-enactor's supplies' refer to only the most commonly requested items. A range of both practical items through to detailed reproductions of specific artifacts from various historic periods can be produced. Price of an individual object can vary considerably depending on the degree of accuracy required. In most cases it is suggested you use the items pictured as a guide line, and contact the Wareham Forge to discuss your requirements. Generally, production of Re-enactors Supplies is handled like a Custom Order, below.


    Hand forged blades can vary considerably based on metal type, profile and hilt treatment. Again, it is suggested that you use the prices on the sheet 'Bladesmithing' as a rough guide. The past work shown there and on the sheet 'Gallery / Bladesmith' can show you what is possible. An order for Custom Bladesmithing is handled like a Custom Order, below.

    Custom Orders

    Please contact the Wareham Forge with your requirements and to discuss your specific requirements before placing an order. The items shown within this web site cover a wide range of past work, a should give you an idea of just some of the things that are possible. A range from distinctive original art works to detailed reproductions of specific artifacts from various historic periods can be produced.

    The prices listed here are meant to be a guideline only, although every attempt to remain consistent will be made. Remember that prices will vary based on the complexity of individual design and degree of accuracy required - especially for larger and more elaborate items.

    The normal practice is to enter into a consultation with each customer to determine the requirements, rough outline and working budget for the project. Then a number of rough designs are generated, each with a price estimate. These are discussed and refined to produce a final working drawing and quotation. At this time a specific contract is written and signed (for any object over $500). All custom orders must be accompanied with a 50 % non refundable deposit. The balance is due before shipping. Payments can be made by personal cheque, but work will be held until cheques are cleared.

    Production time will vary depending on the exact object and ongoing work schedule. Please contact the Wareham Forge for a production estimate on your order.

    How does the design process work? How much does it cost? I have added a new section 'On Custom Designs' that details the process of creating an original art metalwork.

    CONTACT the Wareham Forge

    the Wareham Forge

    Darrell Markewitz

    RR # 2, Proton Station,
    Ont. CANADA - N0C 1L0
    phone/fax 519-923-9219

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    All text and photographs Darrell Markewitz, the Wareham Forge.