Instructional training DVD and video for Blacksmithing : Introduction to Blacksmithing / Historic Bladesmithing / Forging the Viking Age / Experimental Iron Smelting on CD-ROM. These titles produced by artisan blacksmith Darrell Markewitz of the Wareham Forge. Each program includes demonstrations of the techniques of hand forge work, plus historic background and discussions of materials, tools, shop layout, safety - a wealth of information!

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Although nothing can beat an actual hands on experience, the next best method to learn a skill like blacksmithing is through the use of video.
The video programs by the Wareham Forge are shot with an eye to content and use close views of the working hammer and anvil.
Each program contains over 2 1/2 hours of material.

                            Viking Age
Introduction to BLACKSMITHING
Forging the VIKING AGE
IRON SMELTING in the Viking Age
Exploring the Viking Age in Denmark
Histoic Smith

Darrell Markewitz is your guide to 'the Art and Mystery of the Blacksmith'. He has been working with forged steel, and producing historic reproductions, since the late 70's. His five years at Black Creek Pioneer Village, three as primary blacksmith, has led to a deep understanding of historic styles and techniques. An area of personal interest and study has been the Early Mediaeval period, especially the Norse, resulting in work that truly spans the ages. Over the years he has visited most of the major museums and living history sites in Central and Eastern Canada, the Northeastern United Sates, plus trips to Denmark, England and Ireland. Literally millions of people who have seen him demonstrate at museums, historic and arts events. Since the early 1990's hundreds of students have attended his workshops on Blacksmithing and other historic metalworking techniques.

Norse Swordsmith
Introduction to

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An Introduction to BLACKSMITHING

ISBN 978-0-9783284-0-5

Prefect for the beginner smith - this DVD will help you get started! Even just the information contained on tools and how to pick them could save you $$$!

This three hour program contains a wealth of information, including what to look for in used tools, building a home shop, and demonstrations of a number of basic forming techniques. The first part covers TOOLS, including : forges / lighting a fire / coal / anvils / hammers / vices / safety / the home forge. The second half illustrates TECHNIQUES, demonstrating : hammer use / 'S' hooks / tent peg / fire poker /twists / toasting fork.

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Check this segment : 'Twisting Square Bar'


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ISBN 978-0-9783284-1-2

Ideal for the beginner to intermediate level blacksmith or knifemaker!

This two and three quarter hour program deals with the historic development of cutting edges and forging technology, as well as demonstrating the methods of producing three reproduction blades. Lecture topics include : introduction to iron and its alloys / evolution of foundry furnaces and forges / basics of heat treating / historic blade patterns. The demonstrations show : heat treating / as well as the forging of : Romano-British table knife / Norse small seax / 1800's patch knife.

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Check this segment : 'Forging a Tang'

FORGING the Viking Age

ISBN 978-0-9783284-2-9

Forge Viking Age
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A special combination of practical work and historical background that will be of interest to historic blacksmiths and those involved in Early Medieval living history.

This 2 1/2 hour program documents the creation of a number of the forged metal objects created for the 1997 'Viking Encampment' Program at L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC for Parks Canada. The program contains commentary on objects from the Viking Age, details on how the pieces were produced and forging sequences.

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Check this segment : 'Cauldron Hanger Elements'

iron smelting
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Iron Smelting

ISBN 978-0-9783284-3-6

Of interest to working blacksmiths, the student of history or those attempting to re-create the Early Medieval period.

Experimental IRON SMELTING in the Viking Age - is a multi-platform CD-ROM documenting ongoing experiments re-creating both SMELTING and FORGING of the Norse metalsmiths. The greatly expanded version 2 now contains almost 2000 images, working plans, experiment notes and articles.

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Explore Denmark
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Exploring the Viking Age in Denmark

ISBN 978-0-9783284

Of special interest to anyone interested in the the Viking Age, or is thinking of traveling to Denmark.

This DATA DVD disk contains over 400 large format images (most 1600 X 1200 dpi), each with notes. The publication also contains many commentaries on both the individual museums, but also travel around Denmark in general. The overall stress is on materials related to the Viking Age. Inside your computer, the contents are arranged like a giant self contained web site - some 1.7 gig of information all told! In a table top DVD player, you can view just the images in extra large size as a 'slide show'.

$20.oo Multi-Platform DATA DVD format

The first three programs in this series (Introduction / Bladesmithing / Forge Viking ) were all shot using older analog VHS video equipment. It was also decided to use the actual 'in the workshop' ambient sound. An experienced blacksmith knows the sound of the hammer on metal is an important clue as to the progress of the work, and I wanted to illustrate this. These are NOT slick commercial tapes with voice overs and music sound tracks! For both those reasons, the image and sound quality of these programs may not prove to be equivelent to that provided by state of the art digital equipment. The amount of information provided on each remains exceptional.

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by DAVID ROBERTSON of Hammer and Tongs Studio

Gas Forge

"This DVD shows the construction of a simple atmospheric pipe forge...

" Complete information on chamber constuction, burner construction, orifice construction, insulation, coating, tuning the burner and initial firing. .. 2 hours and 16 minutes long and packed with information. "

Go to Gas Forge Construction for more details...

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