Architectural Metalwork by the Wareham Forge, the work of Artisan Blacksmith Darrell Markewitz of Ontario Canada. Here traditional hand forged techniques are blended with original custom designs to create distinctive objects for garden or architecture. (What is called by some 'wrought iron work'. )Past work has included circular stair cases, balcony and stair hand railings, garden gates, sign hangers, window grills, arbours.. In fact just about any kind of one of a kind structural or decorative element.

the Wareham Forge - Artisan Blacksmith

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Wrought Iron was the metal of the ancient smith. It is a specific type of material, formed by repeated hammering of the raw ore from the foundry fire. Wrought iron works at different temperatures, is softer and more flexible than our modern day steels. The truth is that real wrought iron has not been produced in commercial quantities since the late 1970's. It is basically NOT AVAILABLE anywhere in the Western world. Despite what may be claimed by some, all modern smiths work with industrial mild steel bars. Today, most so called "wrought iron workers" are in fact using machine formed, cold twisted, mild steel bars which are mass produced over standard forms then arc welded together. Typically these shops employ not blacksmiths, but welders and production fabricators. Most often the poor design, and frequent duplication, of the objects manufactured in them clearly reflects these problems.

Artisan Blacksmith Darrell Markewitz has over 30 years experience working with forged metals. Four years at Ontario College of Art has given him an understanding of both modern design and contemporary crafts. His past work has included artifact reproductions for a number of major Canadian museums within historic periods ranging from Viking Age to Victorian. His personal work is strongly influenced by the sinuous curves of the Art Nouveau movement, and makes considerable use of forged heavy tubings. The designs stress dramatic designs, each object is distinctive, the bold possibilities of hot forging used to create original art works

The Wareham Forge is located in lower Grey County, 2 hours NW of Toronto in a converted early 1900's carriage building. The primary forge is coal, allowing for the maxim flexibility in heating and forming. There are two custom built gas forges as well, one specially designed for large architectural forgings. A 50 lb air hammer allows forming of large diameter stocks. There is a full selection of modern cutting and polishing machines, torch and arc welders. Finishing tools include sandblasting and air spraying equipment. In the design area, a Macintosh computer provides CAD, image scanning and full e-mail / internet capabilities.

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Create a feature, not just a barrier.
For the Garden:
...that provide an inviting and distinctive touch.
Individual objects such as custom WEATHER VANES, lamps, CANDELABRAS, tables, MIRRORS...
Window Grills:
The strength of steel providing security that looks like art.
Other Architectural Work:
Other related pieces like sign hangers...

Need Restorations? Replacement or repair of original pieces, plus hard to find replacements such as fireplace cranes, andirons...

How does the design process work? How much does it cost? I have added a new section 'On Custom Designs' that details the process of creating an original art metalwork.

Some other design roughs for possible architectural projects can be found in the 'Patron Wanted' section.

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Potential Customers Please Note!
After some 40 years at the forge, I am limiting the number of commissions I will undertake.
Commitments to teaching and research further limit available time. 

Who is Darrell Markewitz?

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