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ABSTRACT: Resources for Blacksmiths - a short collection of Suppliers and valuable web links. These are sources I have found valuable in my years of offering training courses for Blacksmithing and other aspects of metalwork. As well a fast link over to my own collection of DVD training programs.

Coal -

Schaner Coal Company : 2282 Floradale Rd, Floridale ON - N0B 1V0 : (519) 660-0721 : His web site is at

Well - it had to happen. After some 17 years supplying good smithing coal to us all, Harvey Kuntz of Schaner Fuel in St Jacobs finally retired. (Thanks Harvey!)

The coal supplier business has been purchased (as of September 20, 2004) by Robb Martin, a long standing blacksmith and armour maker. He has been operating his shop in Floridale (just north of St Jacobs) for 10 years. Robb is also carrying the same tool line that Forge & Anvil once did.

I've posted the map he provided to his workshop HERE He advises that you call ahead.

Note that I don't know if the sale and re-location of Schaner Coal will effect this next piece of advice....

Home Hardware : Various Locations (check your local directory)

Believe it or not, your local Home Hardware can order in a single bag of forging coal (supplied by Schaner). Tell the owner to check their computer inventory its listed there! Price varies by location, but should be roughly $30 per standard 75 lb. bag. This is a bit pricey, but it does save you to trip to the Kitchener area if you are an occasional hobbyist.

Steel -

What source you use for steel will largely depend on your location and the volume you buy. Many local steel fabrication and welding shops will sell full rods / sheets over the counter. Large suppliers usually have $500 - $1000 minimum orders.

the Metal Supermarket : various locations (check your local directory) Mississauga, Kitchener, London, Barrie.

Will sell you small quantities of mild steel bar, cut to order. Various tool steels available by the lb. Prices about 20% over industrial, but well worth it if you only need a few feet of one size. No delivery.

Kruger Custom Steel : 2045 - 16th Ave.East, Owen Sound, Ont, (519) 371-7930

This is the local supplier I use in the Grey / Bruce region. A medium sized fabrication shop that keeps a good selection of sizes and profiles. Generally they are competitive with the larger industrial suppliers - but with excellent personal service (which I sure appreciate!).

Safety Glasses -

Check the fuller description on my Blog post of Monday, May 08, 2006 - On Safety Eyewear...

Rose Didymium Safety Glass

I have been using these to protect my eyes in the forge for years (almost 20 at this point). I highly recommend them for anyone considering a long working life in the forge. My standard is - If you look at something and its bright enough to make you see spots when you look away GET A PROTECTIVE LENS. Those I have seen (too often!) who do things like use oxy torches or forge weld without protective lenses are just plain foolish. Especially when the cost involved is about a mere $50. A blind man cannot be a blacksmith.

These lenses are widely used by glass blowers - and are easily available from the following American suppliers:
has the best selection of types. Ships orders to Canada, uses Paypal
is the best price. Ships to Canada - but only via credit card. I normally order from them myself. Their sales guys have been extremely fast on any questions. The package arrived quickly and in good order.

Tools -

Centaur Forge : bx 340, 117 N. Spring St, Burlington Wis, (414) 763-9175

A complete selection of blacksmithing & farriers tools, books. New cast iron fire pots. Send for the catalogue.

On line at

Kayne & Son Custom Hardware Inc : 100 Daniel Ridge Road, Candler, NC 28715, (828) 667-8868

Good selection and prices on hammers, tongs, hardies and other small tools. The hammers especially are excellent quality (I have several) and competitive prices.

On line at

John Newman : 536 Upper Wentworth St, Hamilton, (905) 318-8551

John has been casting swage blocks, small cone mandrels - and most importantly rectangular fire pots. His price on fire pots is about $275 Canadian - better than Centaur’s. These are very heavy castings - look here for an image of the outside and the inside.

John has been having trouble with his web site,  best to catch him in person at an OABA meeting.

David Robertson : Pinkerton, ON, (519)366-2334

David is an old friend - we have worked on an number of projects together over the last two decades. He runs a series of courses (similar to those I offer) and we teach two programs together. He builds a line of simple and economical GAS FORGES and also an excellent small AIR HAMMER. (I have the first production model in my shop.)
David took a different approach to information sharing, while I support a regular blog, he recruits signing up as a member at ArtistBlacksmith.COM. Gets you a discount plus a monthly e-mailed newwsletter. (Well worth doing!)

On line at

Atlas Machinery Supply : 233 Queen St W, Toronto, (416) 598-3553

A good selection of small tools, quality from 'India' hammers to Makita power tools. Unlike some specialized tool stores, Atlas stocks METAL working tools as well.

KW Surplus : 666 Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON, (519) 744-1563

An 'end of lot' and jobbers - you never know what you will find. Always has a selection of low end tools (note you will get what you pay for, but for extra and occasional use tools...) Usually will have a selection of the 'China' hammers.

Princess Auto: throughout Canada (check your local directory)

Another combination tool and surplus retailer with focus on metalwork and automotive tools. My normal source for small blowers for forges, gas fittings.

On line at :

SELECTED INTERNET RESOURCES - Ron Reil's Plans -  for home built propane forges...
Seems to have dropped off the net! You will find a full discussion of his simple and effective designs on: Anvilfire and also by Brain Boorman - 'Anvilfire' - a large reference with discussions, FAQ, working tips. One of the first and largest resources on the net.

'The Blacksmith's Virtual Junkyard', one of the oldest and largest Metalwork related discussion group, was closed down on Dec 31, 2004. A lot of the members moved over to the 'Virtual Hammer In' maintained on the ANVILFIRE site

The Artisan Blacksmith Association of North America. This organization supports members from hobbyist to professional artists. Explore the site for resources and contacts. - North Carolina chapter of ABANA, a lot of reference materials - Ontario Artisan Blacksmith's Association

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