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Vinland by the Norse

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'Vikings - North Atlantic Saga'

A major international exhibit describing the expansion of Norse culture from its roots in Scandinavia, westward to Iceland, Greenland to Vinland. Based in the Smithsonian's Musuem of Natural History, this is an international effort. The official opening was spring of 2000 in Washington, the exhibit then traveled to a number of large Canadian and American museums over the next two years. The exhibit features many artifacts (like textiles) that have never been seen in North America before.
I had a small consulting role in the orginal discussions, and created about a dozen 'hands on' reproduction pieces for the related educational programs.)

I then worked on various aspects of the educational programing at the Smithsonian in Washington, the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, and at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull.

Is a general description of the exhibit

The Smithsonian - Washington

American Museum of Natural History - New York

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

(The following is the tour schedule from the Smithsonian's site.)


Washington, DC
April 29-August 13,2000
National Museum of Natural History

New York City
October 21, 2000-January 21, 2001
American Museum of Natural History

March 2, 2001 - May 28, 2001
Denver Museum of Nature and Science

July 13 - October 14, 2001
Houston Museum of Natural Science

Los Angeles
November 17, 2001-March 17, 2002
Natural History Museum of
Los Angeles County

May 7 - October 14, 2002
Canadian Museum of Civilization

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
November 23, 2002 - May 18, 2003
Science Museum of Minnesota

Full Circle : First Contact'

"Led by the Newfounland and Labrador Museum, this 2800 sq ft exhibit will tell the story of the Vikings at L' Anse aux Meadows and contact with aboriginal peoples, including the rejoining of the human race from its movement out of Africa one hundered thousand years ealier. The exhibit will be touring nationally and internationally late 2000 and 2001." Again, I had a small role in this exhibit via the creation of about a half dozen objects for the related educational program.

The first two stops for the tour were St John's and Corner Brooke, Newfoundland (to about Oct 1). The exhibit then traveled to Ontario, opening at the Woodstock Museum on November 4, 2000 - to March 15, 2001. I will worked with curator Shiela Johnson to implement the eductional programing here.

Newfoundland Museum - St John's

Woodstock Museum - Ontario

I designed a promotional display to accompany 'Full Circle' at the Woodstock Museum leg of the tour. The text I wrote, along with the images used to illustrate the Mall Display can be seen : Here

The latest (Fall 2003) stop for Full Circle is at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills MI. In conjunction to their presentation of Full Circle, the Cranbrook Institute commissioned me to produce an accompaning exhibit : World of the Norse. World of the Norse is a 1000 sq ft exhibit, using about 175 replica objects presented in three 'room settings'. These living history styled settings help to put the individual pieces together in context.

For the virtual tour web site of World of the Norse GO ON HERE

Viking Millennium International Symposium

An Interdisciplinary Conference, commemoration the 1000th anniversary of Leif Eiriksson's arrival in North America. International scholars and Viking experts will gather to discuss many aspects of Norse culture during the period of exploration that spurred the New World journeys of Leif Eiriksson and his family. I will be submitting a formal paper at this conference. They have also asked me to give two lunch hour introductions to the Viking Encampment interpretive program on Sept 19 &20.

web site at:

Norstead - a physical description of the site.

Added 7/20/2000

The current 'Norstead' program is entirely the work of the Viking Trail Tourism Association, who is entirely responcible for its content and implementation. They have commissioned a half dozen reproductions from me, axes, spears and cooking pots - which comprises my total contribution to the physical presentation.

In spring of 2000, the VTTA contracted me to create and impliment a training program for its staff - "Interpreting the Viking Age". This 6 week course was intended to be a general eduction in interpretive techniques, Viking Age history and Norse period crafts.

The physical program presented at Norstead, the interpreter characterisations, and the type and quality of the objects used is SOLELY the work of the VTTA.

I have had no part in designing or implementing the Norstead program.

This short article constists of a physical description of the ground of the 'Norstead' site. This is the location of the major re-encator's activities planned for this summer. This information was compiled spring of 2000 (April / June).

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A Mainlander's Guide to Newfoundland and L'Anse aux Meadows

with new revisions - 7/25/2000

If you are planning a trip out to 'the Rock' to visit the L'Anse aux Meaodws NHS, - take a look at this guide. Covers travel to and within Newfoundland and provides some information sources. As well there is some personal advice on what the situation in the area is like, and some 'best of' recommendations.

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This is one of the infamous 'Viking Poster Boy' images that were extensively used around 2000. Orginally I had only given permission for them to be used for tourism related or site promotion. Unfortuneatly - this was NOT the case. Versions of the images were used for paid commercial advertising (Newfoundland Telephone, a number of bus tour companies) - totally without my knowledge or permission. To add insult to injury, they have been transfered to 'T' shirts - and coffee cups. Needless to say, I'm not happy that corporations and other individuals are personally profiting from the theft of my image.

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