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The the following list is imported straight off my own collection of working bookmarks / somewhat edited for content.
It is presented here for those who wish to dig and hunt, there are a number of reference sources on history, metalwork, and interesting (weird) topics. This is obviously a much fuller set of links that you will find in the other various locations over the Wareham Forge web site. The organization here is one that makes sense to me - but may say more about how my mind works that offering a clear pathway through the list...

This list compiled February 21, 2018
Note - not all these links have been recently tested



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  • ARTS


    Canada Blooms
    CGTA | Home
    Summerfolk | Summerfolk music festival

    Promotional / Grants

    Canadian Artists' Representation
    Ontario Arts Council
    Guide to Canadian Heritage Financial Support Programs - Spring 2004
    Canada Council - Arts
    Art Grants
    Ontario Crafts Council
    CCF/FCMA - Craft Year 2007 | Shop for anything from creative people everywhere
    Home Elora Sculpture Project

    Group / Organization

    Michigan Blacksmiths
    Smide och Konstsmide - Danish smiths
    Fleming: Haliburton School of The Arts
    Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association
    Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil (SOFA) Blacksmith Association

    Smith's Sites

    Other Artisan Smiths

    Welcome to
    Interview with Francis Whitaker
    Albert Paley | Sculptor
    Tom Joyce -  American sculptor

    At The Forge - Armstrong and Carter Ironworks


    Lorelei Sims - Artist/Blacksmith

    Terrence Clark, Artist Blacksmith


    Artist Blacksmith David Robertson
    David Robertson - YouTube - YouTube
    Thak the Blacksmith & Armourer- 
    Jake Powning, forged swords
    Ric Furrer - Door County
    Sparks Will Fly Forge - Artist Blacksmith Mark Puigmarti
    TWO SMITHS—Sandra Dunn
    Soulsmithing « Pierre
    Owen Bush | Artist Blacksmith and Bladesmith

    Haliburton Instructors

    David Norrie Studios

    Tools / Equipment

    Ron Reil's Gas Forges
    Gransfors Bruks Axes at Winter Outfitters
    Centaur Forge, your full service farrier & blacksmith supply company
    Headphone Earplugs & Hearing Protection | Plugfones
    Kayne & Son's Blacksmiths Depot | Home Blacksmithing
    Pieh Tool - Blacksmith & Farrier Tools,
    Professional Farrier Supply


    Blacksmith Coke — Canadian Blacksmith Supply
    Glasgow Steel Nail Co Ltd
    Patina & Finishes For All Metals - Metal Finishing Products.
    Principal Metals
    Krueger Custom Steel -
    ULINE - Shipping Boxes, Shipping Supplies,
    Purity Casting Alloys - PEWTER ALLOY,
    Lacy and Company Online Store
    Stained Glass Supplies, Beadmaking, Fusing, Jewelry & Mosaic Supplies from Artistry In Glass
    Lamp Working Tools


    Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI)
    MatWeb - The Online Materials Information Resource
    Tips from the jeweler's bench - Topics Browse
    Do It Yourself Patina Formulas - Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black Metal Finishes.


    Metalcraft Magazine
    I Forge Iron - Blacksmithing Resource - Blacksmithing and Metalworkers Reference
    Blacksmith's Journal - blacksmithing help and publications
    Books on TOOLS
    Blacksmith's Gazette Home Page


    Archaeology / Museums

    Haffenreffer Museum at Brown
    Bruce County Museum and Archives
    Woodstock Museum
    Canadiana -- The Canadian Resource Page
    Medieval Traveling Exhibit from Bruce County Museum and Archives
    Canadian Heritage Information Network
    The Oakeshott Institute
    Canadian Museums Association
    Educational resources for archaeology
    pre historisch dorp -
    Archaeological Fantasies Podcast
    Higgins Armory Museum - Worcester, MA - A Museum of Arms and Armor
    Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology National Historic Site


    A/D Brenda Roy
    A/D Catherine Crowe
    A/D Laura Travis
    A/D Brigitte Wolf
    England's rock Art on the web
    A/D 'The Bridge' (Geocities)
    Celtic Art and Illumination

    Retail Sources

    Track of the Wolf - Russell - Green River blades, from America's oldest maker
    Five Rivers Copperage #2
    Crazy Crow - Buckskinner Supply
    Log Cabin Shop, Serving the Black Powder Community for Over 57 Years
    The Merchant Venturers
    Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. 18th Century Reproductions, Clothing and Books.
    Smoke & Fire Company Homepage
    Tents & Shelters for civil war reenacting
    Gränsfors Bruks
    Beaver Buckets | The Best Built Bucket!
    PAL Insurance i- Special Events Liability

    Living History Sites

    The Farmers' Museum
    Frontier Culture Museum
    Colonial Williamsburg
    Fortress of Louisbourg 

    Library / Indexes

    Google Scholar
    Librarians' Index to the Internet -


    Medieval Sourcebook: Introduction
    WWW Medieval Resources
    NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
    The Online Medieval and Classical Library (DL S…
    Medieval Technology and Everyday Life - Links
    Medieval Institute at WMU, index
    ArchSearch: Library: Medieval Archaeology
    The Labyrinth

    University of York - Library & Archives
    University Library at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
    The Lindisfarne Gospels
    BBC - History - Games
    Medieval Images Collected
    Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History


    Sword Forum International
    Mediaeval Sword
    A.E.M.M.A. - Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
    Bronze Age Craft (Sword Festival 2007)
    Norse Swords by Alfred Geibig
    Norse swords by JAN PETERSEN
    Oakeshott's Typology

    Journals / Conferences

    Journal of the North Atlantic,
    Fornvännen: Journal of Swedish Antiquarian Research
    International Congress on Medieval Studies Homepage
    ALHFAM -.
    The Medieval Academy of America
    Forward Into The Past
    C.A.M.E.L.O.T. – D.R.A.G.E.N. Lab

    Personal Sites

    The Dialogue of Chivalry
    Fir Trade Bibliography
    Steve Muhlberger's Home Page
    Ceara's Mostly Medieval Clipart


    The Medieval Times
    Tournaments Illuminated
    SCA Links
    The Kingdom of Ealdormere's Ethereal library

  • Iron Smelting


    The Rockbridge Bloomery
    Peters Valley NJ
    Eindhoven Smelt Report - Williams
    Teeny-tiny Bloomery - Williams
    Bloomery - Skips Links
    Lee Sauder


    BELLOWS - Stronger Than a Hundred Men:
    Background | Iron from the sky


    Geochemistry in Archaeometallurgy
    virtual teacher / LAM & bog iron
    Stelco Inc. - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Virginia Materials Distributors - Canada
    USGS Report - Bog Iron Ore
    The Historical Metallurgy Society
    Iron, Steel and Swords
    Ancient Iron, Experimental Archaeology in Sudan (UCL Qatar) - YouTube

    DARK - Personal

    DARC - Viking Age Iron Smelting Experiments
    "But if you don't get any IRON..." EXARC - Journal
    Hurstwic: Iron Production in the Viking Age



    Wordsmith - smelter movie
    TEMPL: Making of weapons - welded steel
    Stuka Iron (Finland)
    Thijs van Manakker
    Category: Smelt 2010 - Seandálaíocht - Irish for Archaeology
    sasaa bloomeries
    Webalbum - jens jørgen
    Jernmagerens værksted


    Smelting at Rievaulx Abbey - U of Bradford
    Whitehall Farm Roman Smelt
    Wealden Iron Research Group Home Page
    GeoArch / Tim Young
    Medieval Technology and American History
    jens jørgen - Heltborg Muse...
    (Danish) Iron Smelting - Michael Nissen
    Making iron -Fyrkat 2007
    Ironbridge Gorge Museum - Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron
    Ancient Metallurgy Research Group: University of Bradford
    *IRONSMELTING.NET*´¯`·.¸Alexander's Archaeology Site
    The Museum of Ancient Mazovian Metallurgy In Pruszków
    Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site (U.S. National Park Service)

    INAGINA, the last house of iron
    HEPHAISTOS / Ancient blooms
    African Furnace Construction

    Surveys, excavations and experiments in Tranemo, Sweden.

  • Media / Contacts
    Newspapers in Ontario
    Frequently Asked Questions About the ISBN
    Ontario Community Newspapers Association (OCNA) Home Page
    International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
    10 Big Myths about copyright explained


    Haliburton ABS - History

    Your Historic Home: Ironwork | Adamick Architecture
    History of Wrought Iron
    A Brief History of Iron and Steel Manufacture
    History of Iron and Blacksmithing -
    Iron Age - Wikipedia
    Ancient iron production - Wikipedia
    A Brief History |


    Marine Atlantic | Home
    Southwest Pond Cabins | Home


    Ypres 2016
    Ypres - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Visit Ypres with the official tourist site Apartment Sandpiper , Ypres, Belgium
    Belgium Rail
    Sanctuary Wood Museum - (Hill 62), Belgium
    Cwxrm -Memorial Project

    Poland Iron

    ARTifacts – Pruszkow Archaeological Festival - ARTEfakty

    Scotland / SSW

    Welcome to Cathy Ross B&B
    Scottish Sculpture Workshop
    Car Rental Scotland
    The Scottish Crannog Centre
    Huntly | ScotRail
    TURF TO TOOLS 2016 | scottishsculptureworkshop

    Denmark Trip

    Heltborg Museum
    Lejre Experimental Center
    The Viking Center Fyrkat

    Ribe Viking Museum
    Moesgård Museum

    Viking ship Museum
    Destination Roskilde - Roskilde
    Homepage of Roskilde Museum


    FUNERIA | Art Honors Life
    The Earthen Vessel
    Cremation Association of North America - CANA
    Welcome to Death - the last taboo
    the Natural Burial Company - USA: Caskets, Urns and Green Grave Goods
    The Egyptian Book of the Dead.
    Egypt: Egyptian Book of the Dead
    Modern and Ancient Funeral Rites on the Internet

  • Norstead Related

    Newfoundland Flotilla 2000: The Saga of Vikings in Canada
    Viking Trail Official Website - Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada


    Bayeux Tapestry (image)
    The Entire Bayeux Tapestry (image / described)
    Battle of Hastings 1066 Chapters

    Travelling Exhibits

    Nordic Museum Seattle
    Battery Radio - Vikings
    Travelling Exhibitions - The Vikings: Master Mariners, Traders, Colonists and Artisans
    Full Circle - First Contact

    Vikings - NAS

    V I K I N G S : T H E N O R T H A T L A N T I C S A G A
    Vikings - NAS Smithsonian (flash intro)
    Vikings NAS - American Museum of Natural History

    Host Institutions

    The Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    Science Museum of Minnesota - Vikings NAS
    Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Home Page
    Vikings | The Field Museum


    Elf faering

    Arts & Crafts


    Viking Age Metal-casting. - Anders Söderberg.
    Viking Blacksmithing - Blackstone
    Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Iron Working
    Vikingbronze Index - Anders Söderberg. - Sutton Hoo Sword


    Viking Resources for the Re-enactor (Thora)
    Birka-Style Tablet Weaving Recipe (Thora)
    Footwear of the Middle Ages
    Regia / Crafts - Nalebinding
    Thora on Nålebinding


    Mastermyr Artifacts (image scans)
    The Mastermyr Project
    Mastermyr project detail


    longhouse at Avaldsnes- Norway
    Danelaw Lving History / Murton Park
    Northvegr: The Northern Way
    Parks Canada - L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site of Canada - The Viking Encampment: Vinland 1000 AD
    CMC - Vikings in History Hall
    NOVA Online | Transcripts | The Vikings
    Welcome to Fröjel Discovery Programme
    York Archaeological Trust
    Greenland Resources - Archaeology
    Ceramics&Glass Anglo-Saxon At museum of London
    Museum of National Antiquities - Sweden
    WHTour : Anse aux meadows : Repros (Boat)
    Ribes Vikinger - Museum
    'The Prittlewell prince:
    Ribe VikingeCenter (living history)
    Kaupang - english
    The Museum of Foteviken with The Viking Reserve
    The Birka Project - Riksantikvarieämbetet
    Novgorod Archaeology
    The Vikings Return! (Heffenreffer)


    Viking Network Web Index
    TorVik Home
    dilettante Viking Links
    DANGER - F.N. Brown on Vinland
    Hurstwic, a Viking Age Living History Society
    Midgard Home Page
    Fröjel Gotlandica Viking Re-Enactment Society.
    Dark Ages Society Hompepage
    Gefor›ian Strand - Regia Anglorum North America
    Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History 950-1066AD
    Viking Resources for the Re-enactor
    Longship Company

    Retail Sources

    Swordcrafts by Wolf
    Raymond's Quiet Press.html
    Amber World
    South Tower Armouring Guild
    Wholesale Beads - South Pacific
    (INDIA) Blacksmiths Craft Works
    Jelling Dragon
    Shipwreck Beads
    Birka Traders Home Page
    The Northerner - sweden scandinavia lapland swe…
    Nordic Arts
    T & T Trading | Beading


    DARC Educational support / Haffenreffer
    Long Ship Company - Journal
    The Vikings:
    Nordic Sagas: Viking Ships
    Kid's Online Resources - History (viking)


    The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba
    Armour from Wisby
    The Viking Network Web
    ArchSearch: Sutton Hoo: Introduction
    Viking Age Vessels
    The Northvegr Foundation
    Norse Navigation
    Index of Images !
    BBC - Viking Quest Game
    Viking Shields
    Viking Age Foodstuffs (Thora)
    Cauldrons and the Development of Cast Iron for Domestic Use
    Overview of Cooking Equipment in the Medieval Kitchen
    Neils Viking Game
    RUNES - by Peter Pettersson
    An Icelandic-English Dictionary
    Glass Melt Data Sheet


    LAM NHS - What's New (Encampment)
    L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, Newfoundland, Canada
    Man, Culture and Environment in Ancient Greenland
    The Greenland Norse, part 1
    Bird Cove Archaeology Project, Viking Trail, Newfoundland (Linkspage)
    Vikings in America
    Nordic Explorers - Norse Expansion into North America
    Viking Boat Tours - Newfoundland
    Analyzing the Vinland Map : Is it a fake?
    Northvegr: Icelandic Dictionary
    Viking Clothing Guides - Looking for the Evidence
    Runes - Wikipedia
    Runic magic - Wikipedia

  • ON GOING Stuff

    Just fun

    Movies Unlimited
    Cool Alternative Links :: Reviews
    Baen's Bar 2008 Direct links to Newsgroups
    Vintage Scuba Supply - Antique Diving Gear Two Hose Regulators
    Digital Camera Resource Page
    Divers Den
    Camcorders - Reviews

    ONGOING Museums

    Fanshawe Pioneer Village
    Canada Marine Discovery Centre
    louisbourg rassemblement 2008 encampment reenactment
    DARC - First level presentation quotation

    Discussion Groups

    Living History Library (Powered by Invision Power Board)
    Bladesmiths Log In
    Metal Arts Guild | Google Groups
    Viking Age Living History Forum - Home


    Tankless water heater models
    Hydro One Networks: Appliance Calculator
    Tree Canada - Arbres Canada :: Home


    Yarn Harlot
    Grondzilla's - Paul's Blog
    three fingers - Scott
    Karen's Home on the Blog
    Muhlberger's Early History
    PensiveMonk - Andrew
    Yusef's Journal
    Witzworks Air
    Aardvarchaeology : Anders Söderberg
    The Magpie Bjournal
    Dagda's Cauldron
    Elfworks Studios
    Stonekettle Station
    Norse and Viking Ramblings


    Managed Sites

    Early Iron Experimental Group
    Herloom Studio - Joy Stratten

    site information

    CIRA - Canadian Internet Registration Authority
    domain name / hosting
    Web Design - Dynamic Color Picker
    How to Create and Submit Websites
    AZ web hosting
    Make your own 360 degree panoramic picture « Event Horizon
    Online color chart picker.
    Internet Based Income Streams
    Site Meter - Counter
    Listamatic: one list, many options - Using CSS and a simple list to create radically different list options
    The Google - create site search
    PHP: Getting Started - Manual
    Google Custom Search Engine - Test your mobile sites
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  • Speedtest
  • Art Exhibits

    Tradition and Innovation
    'Reflections of the Conquest'
    Comhaltas Exhibition - 2001
    Lindsay Gallery presents
    Out of the Fiery Furnace
    Grave Goods

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    Wareham Forge
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    Blog - Hammered Out Bits
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