Darrell Markewitz

CURRICULUM VITAE : Arts (Iron) / Summer 2015

Arts Education :

Ontario College of Art, Toronto: 1975 - 79

General Studies program, with emphasis in technical media.

Arts Experience:

Ģ Body of related work extends back to the late 1970's

Ģ A professional artisan blacksmith since the mid 1980's

Ģ Established The Wareham Forge as a full time operation in 1992

Ģ Member of : An Droichead - the Bridge, Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association

Ģ Awarded a Canada Arts Council Grant in 2014 supporting the 'Turf to Tools' project

Ģ Awarded an Ontario Arts Council Grant in 2012 supporting the 'Bloom to Bar' project

Exhibit Curator / Event Organizer

Ģ 'CanIRON 8', Fergus ON, July 28 - 31 2011

Ģ 'Grave Goods', Woodstock Museum, Woodstock ON, September - October 2008

Ģ "Out of the Fiery Furnace", Woodstock Museum, Woodstock ON, September - October 2005

Ģ "Reflections of the Conquest", Woodstock Museum, Woodstock ON, February - March 2002

Participating Art Exhibits

Ģ Contributing artist in all four exhibits listed above

Ģ Elora Sculpture Project, Elora ON, May - October 2013 / 2014 / 2015

Ģ 'Backroads Craft', Tom Thompson Gallery, Owen Sound ON, Fall 2014

Ģ 'Styll Squared', Styll Gallery, Elora ON, September - October 2010, 2011, 2013

Ģ Artists Gallery at Quad State Roundup, Troy Ohio, September 1995 - 2013

Ģ Artists Gallery at Summerfolk, Owen Sound ON, August 1995 - 2013

Ģ 'Vessels', BMA Gallery, Collingwood ON, Fall 2009

Ģ An Droichead Group Show : AS220, Providence RI, Spring 2009

Ģ 'Tradition and Innovation' : The Lindsay Gallery, Lindsay ON, February 2003

Ģ 'Contemporary Celtic - Art At Comhaltas' : The North American Conference of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann Comhaltas, Toronto ON, April 2001

Ģ 'A Celtic Renaissance - Contemporary Art in Ontario and Brittany' : Guelph ON, January - May, 1999

Recurring Shows

Ģ 'Earth, Air Celtic Festival' : Goderich ON, August - since 1993

Ģ 'Summerfolk' : Owen Sound ON, August - since 1995

Ģ International Congress on Medieval Studies : Kalamazoo MI, May 2014, 2015

Teaching & Demonstrations

Ģ The Wareham Forge : Wareham ON, regular weekend workshops offered since 1992

Ģ International Congress on Medieval Studies : Kalamazoo MI, May 2013, 2015

Ģ 'Turf to Tools' (Project Lead) : Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden Scotland, August 2014

Ģ 'Archaeology of Iron Smelting' : Washington College, Chestertown MD, October 2013

Ģ CanIRON 9 : Trois Rivieres PQ, July 2013

Ģ 'Wharf at York' : Toronto ON, June 2012, 2013

Ģ Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference : Gastonia NC, October 2102, 2013, 2104

Ģ 'The Celtic College' : Goderich ON, August - 1995 - 2012

Ģ 'Archaeology of Iron Smelting' : Brown University, Providence RI, April 2011

Ģ'Quad State Roundup' (Southern Ohio Forge & Anvil) : Troy OH, September, 2008

Ģ 'Iron Smelting in Thy' : Heltborg Museum, Denmark, April - May, 2008

Ģ 'Early Iron' Symposium : Peters Valley NJ, October 2006 / Cooperstown NY, October 2004 & 2005

Ģ 'Smeltfest' (Germinal Ironworks) : Lexington VA, February / March 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012

Ģ 'Folly in the Forge' (Michigan Artist Blacksmiths) : Traverse City MI, February 2006

Ģ CanIRON 4 : Annapolis Royal NS, August 2005

Ģ Ontario Artisan Blacksmiths : (various ON locations), June 2005, April 2012, February 2014

Ģ 'Iron Processing at L'Anse aux Meadows' (Parks Canada) : L'Anse aux Meadows NF, June 2001


Ģ Featured artist : Backroads Craft by Comber & Civiero (2014)

Ģ Featured artist : Ironwork Today by Snynder, vol. 2 (2008) / vol. 3 (2011) / 4 (pending)

Ģ Five DVD / CD ROM : Introduction to Blacksmithing (1994), Historic Bladesmithing (1996), Forging the Viking Age (1997), Experimental Iron Smelting from the Viking Age (2004), Exploring the Viking Age in Denmark (2008)

Ģ Manage a number of internet sites including : "The Wareham Forge" (web site, since 1998), "Experimental Iron Smelting" (web site, since 2006), "Hammered out Bits" (blog, since 2006), Early Iron Experimental Group (web site & forum, since 2005), Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association (web site, 2004 - 2012 only)

Ģ Seven formal academic papers, with three (formally) published and one pending, including :

Ģ " " I'll Huff and I'll Puff" - Observations on Air Delivery in Bloomery Iron Furnaces"

Presented at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, May 2012

Ģ " But if you don't get any IRON... - Towards an effective method for small iron smelting furnaces.", 'EuroREA', Fall 2011 (Journal)

Ģ "An Iron Smelt in Vinland - an experimental investigation"

Published in "Can These Bones Come to Life?", Cramer (editor) 2014

Ģ "Iron Smelting in Vinland - Converting Archaeological Evidence to Practical Method"

Presented at 'Forward Into the Past', Wilfred Laurier University, April, 2010 (Published on line June 2010)

Ģ "Concerning the Shape of Blooms" (Published on line, February 2010)

Ģ "Working towards an Icelandic Viking Age Smelt, Based on the remains at Hals"

Prepared with the assistance of Kevin Smith & Neil Peterson (Published on line, October 2008).

Ģ "Adventures in Early Iron Production : An overview of experimental iron smelts, 2001 - 2005", Delivered at 'Friends of the Medieval Studies Society of the Royal Ontario Museum, 1st Annual Symposium' Toronto, March 2006 (Publication pending?)

For further Reference:

Main Wareham Forge website : www.warehamforge.ca

Experimental Iron Smelting : www.warehamforge.ca/ironsmelting

Hammered Out Bits (blog) : warehamforgeblog.blogspot.ca